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How We Are Different

Look, we know how this goes. This is where we make the same list of benefits as every other property management company, and then say "But we do it better". So we will save your time for now and only list a few things that truly DO set us apart, below. We feel these things should make giving us a try, a no brainer. Then we can SHOW you we are different and "we just do it better".

We Don't Just Manage. We Own!

Property Masters was founded by four real estate investors and we manage all of our own properties. Together, we have a combined experience of 75 years of property management experience. As owners, we have been able to fine tune our systems to allow us to maximize rental income while keeping operating expenses to a minimum. 

We live what we preach. Our houses are managed by the same team and same processes as your home.

So let us take the stress out of renting. Let us worry about tenants and toilets. You have things to do! 

No Long Term Contracts

We don't do long term contracts with our owners because we don't need them. We keep our owners happy and stress free!

We Do Good Business

We believe tenants are our greatest assets. We work with our tenants to accomplish our main goal of providing and taking care of a great property. This in turn creates a good experience for tenants, owners and Property Masters!

"My vacancies went from months to a few weeks."

- Mike 

"I used to cringe if I saw my tenant was calling. Now owning my rental is stress free. "

- Lindsey

Our Core Strategies

Finding Great Tenants

We believe it all starts by finding great tenants. This is a very time consuming process but it is the base to our foundation. Unlike many of our competitors, we know it takes more than a credit score to find the perfect tenant to take care of your home. 

We have a 6 step screening process, each with its own criteria, that tenants must meet before renting a home.

Professional People Methodology

We maintain professional processes that benefit owners, tenants and contractors. We are organized, easy to get ahold of and responsive to issues that arise.

While we believe in using technology and all the benefits it provides, we also believe that there is no substitution for being able to talk to a live person.

Proactive Systems

Our systems allow us to handle problems in a timely manor. This keeps tenants and owners happy while keeping the property safe. We also require a 60 day notice before moveout so we can limit vacancy and maximize income.

We do home inspections and keep up on maintenance to avoid costly problems that may pile up or cause larger issues down the road. 

Industry Knowledge

Our Management processes and beliefs are built on a knowledge base superior to that of most Property Managers. We believe that we get superior results because of the vast knowledge we have in many partnering industries. 

We have extensive experience in Real Estate, Construction, Remodeling, and running businesses.

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